Afton Forest Preserve

Great Egret
My sister (SnowyOwl) and I (Veery) went to Afton Forest Preserve after our classes last Wednesday to see if we could find any shorebirds hanging out. We knew it was going to be a warm trip. According to a Dekalb bank, it was 95 degrees out at two o’clock as we headed out.
Afton Forest Preserve
We observed massive amounts of frogs singing and jumping around, dragonflies and butterflies galore, and a lot of very active birds. The paths were a bit muddy and we had to watch out so we didn’t step on any of the toads (or frogs) as we walked.
Afton Forest Preserve
We saw at least six Great Egrets, a couple Great Blue Herons, and one Green Heron flying around the preserve. We heard Sedge Wrens, Common Yellowthroats, and Song Sparrows (singing loudly), along with some very energetic Eastern Kingbirds. We also heard a Marsh Wren.
Reach for the Sky
The Cupplants and other large prairie plants made finding birds a bit of a challenge, but they were gorgeous.
Great Blue Heron
Along the road next to the preserve, we did find some shorebirds mingling with the numerous of Killdeer. We found a few Short-billed Dowitchers, Greater and Lessor Yellowlegs, and a couple of Solitary Sandpipers. We also found a Great Blue Heron standing with wings outstretched, possibly drying them?
All-in-all we had a good time birding in the hot! hot! hot! month of August!
Great Egret

6 thoughts on “Afton Forest Preserve

  1. Veery and SnowyOwl – what a productive day, especially as hot as it was. I love that last photo – the great egret always looks so elegant.

  2. go ahead walk the trails get dog poo on your shoes watch as 5 free roaming dogs chase away your photo terry hannan ask that person to enforse leash laws..good luck..with that one birdfreak..

  3. Carl – I have had no issues with off leash dogs but have witnessed them there before. I would be interested in more information on this and definitely do not like it if birders are unable to enjoy a fine preserve because of dog issues. As a dog person I think we can coexist in parks.

  4. coexist guess you dont know that one of the dog owners called me [names]* and said the park was to small for the both of us and that i should go..if you dont go there and take your dog there must be a reason and i dont think it is from lack of shade. i have a question for you how is it that you can use a forest preserve photos to advertise a brand of coffie..

    *edited by

  5. Carl – there will always be bad dog owners just like there are bad birders, bad fisherman, bad hunters, etc. etc. The good ones are making a difference so you can worry about the bad ones all day long or do something about it.

    I promote birding and conservation and all things outdoors including hiking with my dog (and enjoy that other people hike with their dogs as well). I visit a lot of forest preserves WITH my dog. I am not afraid of any other people at the preserves.

    I promote shade grown coffee because it is good for birds as this particular brand works hard to help bird conservation.

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