A Good Way to Search

For all of us who browse the internet, Google has become practically a household name: Why Don’t you just Google it? Now there may be a better search!

GoodSearch.com is a search engine powered by Yahoo! that is reliable and easy-to-use. But the key feature is this: every time you search for something, a small monetary amount is donated to a charity of your choice. There are currently 29,000 charities to pick from. We are currently donating to the Natural Land Institute, a Rockford based conservation organization.

While the searches might not be quite as refined as Google, for the most part we’ve had excellent success in finding what we are searching for. The system also keeps track of how much money has been earned for the organization you have picked: for example, February has earned the Natural Land Institute a little over $7.00 – not bad considering it was at $0.58 when we found out about it.

The more people that use GoodSearch, the more money goes to good causes. I urge you all to try it out. It is a fun, easy way to “donate” by doing something we do anyway.

There is a GoodSearch “website search” in the works that will let bloggers (among others) put a search box on their blog that allows users to search that site or the web, much like Google has now.

Once you go GoodSearch, you’ll never need to Google again!

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