8 Conservation Websites You May Not Know About

The internet is awesome for birders because of how quick and easy you can find information about birds, birding spots, and cool blogs about birding. Here are eight conservation-focused websites you should visit if you haven’t already. These sites help spread the word for conservation efforts that help our birds.

  1. Bird Conservation Alliance – a network of wonderful organizations committed to bird conservation efforts
  2. Island Conservation – Committed to the protection of island life through science based conservation
  3. The Institute for Bird Populations – “Fostering a global approach to avian conservation”
  4. Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) – Dedicated to reducing the casualties birds face during migration
  5. Avian Conservation and Ecology – an open-access, fully electronic scientific journal, sponsored by the Society of Canadian Ornithologists and Bird Studies Canada
  6. Waterbird Conservation for the Americas – A bilingual site focusing on waterbird habitat conservation
  7. Integrated Bird Conservation – carrying out a work plan to fill critical bird conservation needs and advance a three-to-five year vision
  8. Natural Land Institute – a local organization that is responsible for one of our favorite birding locations in Winnebago County, Nygren Wetlands

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