72-Hour Birding Event – Day Two

Eastern Kingbird
Eastern Kingbird

On day two of our 72-hour Birding craze, we added 22 more species.

Early this morning, the Birdfreak Team headed out to Nygren Wetlands to find Soras and Sandhill Cranes (success!). We missed the Marsh Wren and Orchard Oriole that had been spotted there earlier in the week, but plan to go back tomorrow. As a bonus we saw Bobolinks.

After the wetland walk, we headed on to Rockford Park District’s BioBlitz at Anna Page Conservation Forest in Rockford Illinois. We added a few new species to our growing list: Broadwing Hawk and Hairy Woodpecker and also saw another Yellow-breasted Chat.

Fellow birder Jack Armstrong spotted a Kentucky Warbler and Mourning Warbler. After a rather long afternoon break (we were feeling a little ill from ultra-birding), we traveled back to Deer Run Forest Preserve (one of our stops yesterday) and headed to the big field.

Sparrow Jackpot!

Grasshopper Sparrow1
Grasshopper Sparrow

Vesper Sparrow
Vesper Sparrow

Savanna Sparrow
Savanna Sparrow

We also saw Henslow’s, Field, Swamp, Song, White-crowned, and Lark Sparrows.

Socks patiently waiting for the sparrow fiesta to end

Our total list is growing!

6 thoughts on “72-Hour Birding Event – Day Two

  1. Thats one cool dog Bros…..
    I have a poodle that isnt as half as cool as that one, I could use a dog like that to go birding all over the place, from swamps to cloud forests……take good care of him (her?)

  2. I tried commenting last night and had a bit of a problem-
    That is a lot of birding-I would have to be on vacation in order to do that much birding-Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves.

  3. #Daniel – thanks… she is one of our three dogs but the only one that currently isn’t a pain to go birding with – she’s almost 13 so doesn’t hike as much, but she’s my little baby

    #Larry – sorry about the commenting issues; for some reason our spam catching program went a little bonkers; we were on a mini vacation to do this and it was around home.

    #mon@rch – The day after we had a Red-headed Woodpecker and White-throated Sparrow in our backyard (although we did find them on our count). Too bad we didn’t bird the entire 72 hours but we did a lot of it!

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