Nature’s Kidneys

The largest city in Winnebago County, Rockford, contains over 150,000 people. In a city so large, some people are getting together to put some native back into the ground.

Recently,Brian Leaf from Severson Dells led a local elementary school on a trip to plant over 50 kinds of native prairie seeds at Wesley Willows (a retirement community). The kids planted a rain garden designed to soak up water that would ordinarily run off into the sewers.


Along with the Winnebago County Soil and Water Conservation District and Pheasants Forever, Severson Dells has been promoting the use of rain gardens as “nature’s kidneys”.

We hope that with the help of these great organizations that have done so much already, more schools will participate in these types of events. Severson Dells works hard to be an outdoor educator to children, which is crucial to conservation’s future.

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