37 Reasons You Need the Thesis WordPress Theme

WordPress is the number one blogging platform that runs a wide range of world class blogs. But it is also the perfect choice for anyone wanting to get their new idea or product, or to just share to the world what you think. Thesis is a premium (paid for) theme that fully enhances your blogging experience. Here are just some of the reasons you should be running Thesis.


    In the realm of blogging, customization means standing out. Thesis looks great immediately after install. But for those with just a tiny bit of CSS knowledge, you’re in for a treat with all the ways of customization.

  1. custom.css file – place all your style changes in this file – organization is nice!
  2. custom-functions.php file – create functions to do all sorts of neat tricks; only requires some basic PHP knowledge
  3. Hooks – Thesis has a slew of hooks that let you add or remove actions (hook them)
  4. Filters – like hooks, filters manage content areas; the main difference is that it works on content that already exists (hence why it is a “filter”
  5. Quick layout changes – within the Admin controls of Thesis (aka, no coding whatsoever) you can pick between 1, 2, or 3 column designs and the widths and positions of these
  6. Sidebar manipulation – create functions to display your sidebar the way you want; better control!
  7. Conditional styling made easy – by using Custom Functions, you can call up different .css files depending on what post/page a user is viewing more on how to do this
  8. Navigation Menu Control – choose which pages show up in your navigation; reorder them; even rename them without altering their URL/linking structure
  9. Image rotator – add images to the “rotator” folder and they will randomly show up when the image rotator is enabled in the multimedia box
  10. Post image control – add/remove borders, change default positioning and more
  11. Thesis Admin Option Controls Including Design Options

    All of these are found in the Thesis Admin and require no coding knowledge; you can play around with the settings to get what you want. The Admin is part of your WordPress interface.

  12. Change Title Tag – choose what shows at the top of the browser window
  13. Add No-Index to various archive pages – SEO-friendly
  14. Add Canonical URLS
  15. Add syndication feed – just cut and paste
  16. Add Header Scripts – to run various javascript functions on your site
  17. Add Footer Scripts – good for analytics tracking code like Google Analytics
  18. Home Page META – the description of your site
  19. Number of featured posts to show on homepage – from 0 to 6; the rest are “teasers”
  20. Font and Font Size changes throughout – easily switch fonts and sizes to your liking
  21. Teasers Setup – change what shows for the smaller (1/2 width) “teaser” posts
  22. Feature Box – show off a specific call to action above your content (or even above your header)
  23. Image Rotator – display randomized photos
  24. Video Embed – instead of photos, embed a video
  25. Custom Multimedia box – add your own code to display what you want (or turn it off completely)
  26. Framework Options – Thesis is default as “page” but you can switch to “full-width” if desired
  27. Display Options found in Thesis Options Control

  28. Header – site name/tagline
  29. Bylines – date, author, etc.
  30. Posts – show full posts or excerpts
  31. Archives – titles, excerpts, etc.
  32. Tagging – allows you to specify where/when to show tags
  33. Comments – show comment numbers, change avatar size, disable comments on pages
  34. Sidebars – disable the default widgets (in case you are only using custom sidebar functions
  35. Administration – housekeeping on where “edit” links show up when admin is signed in
  36. Other Great Features

  37. No need for SEO plugins – straight from Thesis creator, Chris Pearson, there is no need for SEO plugins while running Thesis
  38. Lifetime upgrades – Chris is fully behind his product; his passion for improvement is amazing and in around a year’s time the platform has improved immensely from an already great product.
  39. Support Forum – this may be the overall best feature of Thesis. The users are amazing and willing to share their advice when you inadvertently bung up your blog. (I’ve done it numerous times). No matter what your issue, you’ll find a solution here.
  40. Customization tips – while these are also found in the forums they are worthy of their own acknowledgement. The users of the forum are not just correcting coding mishaps but are always spreading ideas about ways to style and enhance the already amazing Thesis.

Full disclosure: we are affiliates for Thesis. We purchased the developers license for $164.00 (personal license is $87) on the belief that this would be our theme of choice for years to come. It’s been about a year and we know we made the right choice. From Birdfreak.com’s creation to the switch to Thesis we had gone through many design changes trying to find one we were happy with. Each time was a headache of trying to figure out what colors to use, which files to edit, etc. Thesis removes the headaches and lets you focus on your content.

Get Thesis Now and we guarantee you’ll be happy with it. Feel free to contact us if you want more details.

5 thoughts on “37 Reasons You Need the Thesis WordPress Theme

  1. Great info Eddie! I see you are running wp version 2.8. I recently upgraded and lost my visual editor. I also read a post on 2.8 using 302 (temporary) redirects instead of 301 (permanent) redirects. Not good for SEO. Have you had any problems with 2.8 or heard of any remedies?

  2. Larry – thanks! No info on 2.8 redirect problems. I hope that is not true. I haven’t noticed any problems personally but perhaps 2.8.3 fixed this… I personally don’t use the visual editor so did not notice that either. Thankfully the forums and WP community probably have a million solutions that are above me (but I’ll definitely keep my eyes open) 🙂

  3. I’ve been meaning to migrate several of my personal sites from Typepad to WordPress, and finally getting to it. I wanted to make sure I got Thesis through the affiliate link of someone who is doing good stuff for birds — so I clicked through here today! Thanks.

  4. Julie – awesome and thanks! You’ll be really happy with Thesis, especially the amount of support from the community!

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