31 Cool Bird Facts #5 – Harris’s Hawk

Harris’s Hawks are colorful, desert denizens that have one of the most peculiar behaviors. Known as ‘stacking’, two or more of these gorgeous birds perch atop each other, often on top of a cactus, in order to search for prey. The reasoning for this is mostly due to a lack of perches in the desert, but we speculate that it also may help the family group of hawks stay in better hunting position.

Harris's Hawk

3 thoughts on “31 Cool Bird Facts #5 – Harris’s Hawk

  1. That indeed is interesting!
    great capture, too! Is that a snake he captured or a cable hanging around?
    Cheers, Klaus

  2. Thats a cool bird, down here we find them mostly in wetland habitats….the first time I saw a Harris i went like: “wow what the hell is that!!!” (I was a very VERY novice birder back then)

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