31 Cool Bird Facts #3 – Common Loon

While known for their eery calls and cool looks, Common Loons [Gavia immer] are not made for non-aquatic landings or takeoffs.

Common Loon

Migrating Common Loons occasionally land on wet highways or parking lots, mistaking them for rivers and lakes. They become stranded without a considerable amount of open water for a long takeoff. A loon may also get stranded on a pond that is too small. – Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s All About Birds

2 thoughts on “31 Cool Bird Facts #3 – Common Loon

  1. Great bird fact, especially for those of us in the south who don’t encounter loons very often. (At least, not the feathered kind.) My wife and I did enjoy watching the loons “dancing” on the water and taking off and landing when we visited central Canada a few years back. Thinking back on it, I can certainly see where landing in a place with little or no water could be an extreme problem for them.

    I’m really loving the Cool Bird Fact series. Wonderful idea!

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