31 Cool Bird Facts #13 – Greater Roadrunner

Greater Roadrunners are well-known to many as represented by the Looney Tunes version, a large purple-crested bird, whose call is, “Meep! Meep!” The real bird is even more amazing than the quick-witted cartoon version. Roadrunners earned their name from their ability to move quickly on land, with speeds up to 15 MPH.

Greater Roadrunner

Roadrunners eat almost anything they can catch: lizards and snakes, small rodents, scorpions and tarantulas, and large insects. They’ll even leap up to catch hummingbirds at nectar feeders. – The Young Birder’s Guide to Birds of Eastern North America.

3 thoughts on “31 Cool Bird Facts #13 – Greater Roadrunner

  1. This is January in Arkansas and I have had two roadrunners that have visited in my yard every day for the last few weeks. Kinda cool huh?

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