2011 Great Backyard Bird Count – Illinois

The 2011 Great Backyard Bird Count is over and here are the results we recorded from northern Illinois (Rockford).

Dad and Arizona looking for birds in the front yard
Arizona and Pops Looking For Birds

Friday we had 5 species, Saturday 14, Sunday 3, and Monday just 2. Most counting hours were spent on Saturday when we had more time to look and also the best weather. Sunday and Monday were awful in terms of weather (and birds!).

Highlights were 56 Cedar Waxwings on Sunday and a Blue Jay who alerted me to a gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk in our yard.

Cedar Waxwings digiscoped through the picture window during downpour
Cedar Waxwings

Crows were recorded daily but no other species was recorded more than two days. Nothing rare but we were happy to have a Tufted Titmouse which have been hard to find in the neighborhood.

If you didn’t count this year make sure to next year! It can be fun and is super easy. We end up just observing periodically when we have time.

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