Dogs & Conservation

Dogs are the perfect companions for long and short hikes in the wilderness. They are constantly alert, always willing, and made to go long distances without complaint or fatigue. They provide protection, entertainment, companionship, and a desire to see what’s around the next bend. Their love of exploration is unending and contagious.

There are many reasons to explore wild places: birding, exercise, photography, spiritual well-being, etc. Having beautiful natural areas is essential to our longevity. Without clean air and water, functioning soil and wildlife, we drastically reduce our ability to exist.

Riley at 7 months

Thus it is the new mission of Birdfreak to extend our conservation efforts by encouraging dog owners to hike more often, explore more places, and camp more nights. By increasing our time outside with our dogs in wild places, we will naturally want to protect and conserve more places.

Check out some great conservation organizations.

Bella Nova Scotia – 12 Years Old

The benefits for hiking with your dog are numerous. Dogs evolved around humans, essentially domesticating themselves in tandum to our efforts to entrust them as our companions. But dogs also retain a wild side to them, a side that needs to explore. Bringing them on hikes, including birding jaunts, lets their wild spirit loose while giving them an outlet for necessary exercise. This exercise can greatly improve your dog’s behavior and it tightens an already important bond with your pooch.

Explore and Conserve the Wilderness Together!


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