This page is just to post the changes/updates through the life of We will try to add information from the beginning of as time permits.

  • NOVEMBER 2nd, 2018 – Changed the logo and direction of this website to focus on promoting Dogs & Conservation. Many more changes are in store… this is the beginning of even bigger things to come.
  • OCTOBER 31st, 2018 – Changed web host after almost 12 years from GoDaddy to SiteGround. The site runs faster, will be secure, and has updated PHP that GoDaddy would never get around to. This was in preparation of major changes (see above entry)
  • 2018 – Changed design to Avani theme.
  • MARCH 12th, 2016 – Changed design to Evolve theme. Started new focus on blogging after a few years of nothing
  • FEBRUARY 8th, 2012 – Launched new design, 100% coded by
  • JUNE 7th, 2009 – upgraded to Thesis 1.5
  • JANUARY 29th, 2009 – upgraded to Thesis 1.4.1 {bug fix}
  • JANUARY 28th, 2009 – edited the styling on both sidebars
  • JANUARY 28th, 2009 – upgraded to Thesis 1.4
  • JANUARY 25th-27th, 2009 – functionalized both sidebars to prevent future damage to widgets
  • JANUARY 23rd, 2009 – site had a minor hiccup that increased into full blown indigestion; removed all widgets in preparation for overhaul of sidebars
  • AUGUST 6th, 2008 – joined Twitter to help stay in touch with other birders
  • JUNE 27th, 2008 – completely redesigned the site with a new logo and the WordPress Thesis Theme
  • MAY 10th, 2007 – introduced the One Million Birder Project
  • JANUARY 24th, 2007 – upgraded to WordPress 2.1
  • JANUARY 18th, 2007 – altered the theme’s look
  • DECEMBER 1st, 2006 – website is officially hosted on its own domain,
  • JULY, 2006 – initial concept of a bird conservation promotional site begins

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