Will This Wood Thrush Convince You to Join the National Audubon Society?

Perhaps you are already a member of The National Audubon Society. Perhaps you know that Wood Thrushes are not only magnificently beautiful birds but also have one of the avian world’s best voices. Yet sadly, Wood Thrushes are declining.

Audubon is working hard to help mitigate this decline and hopefully reverse the trend. One way you can help is by becoming a member of The National Audubon Society.

I received this mailer which to my delight, had a picture of a beautiful Wood Thrush that looked familiar.

Audubon Society Mailer With My Photo

Oh, that’s because it was a photo I took in May 2008.

Wood Thrush

This was way cool to say the least. We have offered up a large majority of all photos taken by the Birdfreak Team and to have this photo as part of a marketing campaign to get new members is awesome!

I’d love to know if any readers received this mailer and if they are not a member, would they consider joining?

Audubon has a wonderful article you can read on Wood Thrushes in Vermont.

5 thoughts on “Will This Wood Thrush Convince You to Join the National Audubon Society?

  1. Congrats! That’s so cool. 🙂 I would consider joining (but first I’m considering a desperately needed vacation, to be honest.)

  2. Great photo! that’s very cool.
    I probably did get that mailer, but that’s actually a problem. I am a member of the NAS. I have been for years, and recently signed up for three more years. But the STILL keep sending me mailers such as this. I think I get one every week. It seems like they’re using all the money I’ve given them to just mail me requests for more money!
    To be fair, many charities do this, but it seems like NAS is the worst about it.

  3. Grant – I do wonder about this sometimes . . . especially with the ability to use the internet much more cost-effectively it seems wasteful to send so many mailers (although I think they may help get new membership but I have no data on that).

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