Review – Where the Birds are In Northeast Spain

While many birders are familiar with the ABA/Lane Birdfinding Guides few may be aware of specific bird finding guides outside of the United States. Where the Birds are in Northeast Spain written by Steve West does a superb job of providing detailed locations of where to find birds in this specific bird-rich region.

The main areas covered include Catalunya (Catalonia) and Aragon which can be birded in one or two weeks. The habitat ranges from sea level to the high Pyrenees including cliffs, forests, inland lakes, rice fields and more.

We are unfamiliar with the area covered in the book but the maps are detailed and appear easy to follow.

Instead of being sorted by birding hot spots, it is arranged by species. Each bird has a complete list of specific locations with an accompanying map. This might make it difficult if you are looking for a good birding spot and not a certain bird.

We wished Mr. West would have included page numbers in his index to assist finding birds quicker. He does provide a helpful glossary of Castilian Spanish translations for common signs and geographical terminology. He also includes some references for accommodations near the highlighted locations.

Overall, Where the Birds are in Northeast Spain is an excellent resource for birders wishing to explore an exciting part of Europe. Steve West has been leading tours since 1997 and serves as a local guide in northeast Spain per request.

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