Video Wednesday – Sandhill Crane Dance

This pair of Sandhill Cranes was WAY off in a field but after Dakota spotted them we discovered they were doing their pair-bonding dance. Background sounds include the car, camera shutter, Red-winged Blackbirds and Eastern Meadowlarks.

Sandhill Crane Dance from birdfreak on Vimeo.

If for some reason the video doesn’t work, please let us know in the comments. We are trying a new video-sharing platform.

6 thoughts on “Video Wednesday – Sandhill Crane Dance

  1. Wow…just awesome!
    You should do another version of this dubbed with Kool & the Gang music or something as a laugh. 😉

  2. Good thing I’m not a Sandhill Crane as my dancing skills suck. Very cool video, I like the Kool and the gang idea or maybe play that funky music….

  3. Melissa – we hardly ever see them dance so this was a special treat

    Daniel – we can trade a few cranes for a quetzal 🙂

    Lana – ha ha!!! We wish we had some better video editing skills

    Birdy – thanks; the internet is a great place to find lots of birders!

    Owlman – perhaps with the aid of wings any of us could dance… we’ll have to see about adding music!

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