Take Dogs Outside – K-9 Fun

Teaching our new dog Lily to heel when the bins go up will take some time, but nothing stops us from gazing at flocks of Cedar Waxwings and soaring Bald Eagles at the dog park! We’ve noticed flocks of blackbirds, robins and gulls, watched nuthatches and chickadees, and observed a female Cooper’s Hawk chasing a meal.

Findlay has a great dog park at the Riverbend Recreation Area. And we’ve noticed that Findlay is full of dog people so there is always someone to play with! Dog parks are great for socialization, physical and mental stimulation, and all around dog fun!

K-9 Field of Dreams
At the Dog Park

At the Dog Park

At the Dog Park

Lady Lily

Dog Parks are just one more way to get outside and play! It’s good for Lily and good for us and often a great place to observe birds.

Good Birding!!!

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