Bird Conservation – Piping Plover

The Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus) has suffered serious decline due to habitat destruction along Atlantic, Gulf Coast, and Great Lake shorelines as well as in the Great Plains. 2001 population estimates totalled 5,945 individual birds: Atlantic Coast – 2929 [49%] Great Plains – 2953 [50%] Great Lakes – 70 – [1%] Important breeding areas in

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Piping Plover Photo Caption Contest

We finished up our amazingly wonderful blogging-birding event with Swarovski with some stunning birding along the cape of Massachusetts. We are heading back home tomorrow with some more sightseeing along the way. This Piping Plover baby is just begging for a hilarious caption. Even if you aren’t up to the challenge, enjoy this digiscoped Piper!