Snowy Owl is 30!

In honor of Snowy Owl’s 30th birthday, here are thirty reasons to go birding this autumn and winter:

1. It’s fun!
2. It’s inexpensive.
3. On the really cold days, you’ll have the forest preserve to yourself.
4. Bring your scope; it’s a great time of year for water birds.
5. Get some exercise to work off all those Christmas cookies.
6. You need the fresh air.
7. Christmas Bird Counts!
8. Not all birds migrate!
9. As the leaves fall off the trees, the birds are easier to find, right?
10. You’ll see some birds that you won’t find in spring and summer.
11. The kids will have a great time.
12. Fall is a beautiful, colorful time of year.
13. Winter is a beautiful, snowy time of year.
14. Aren’t you tired of being cooped up in the house?
15. OK, it’s super-cold out; what’s on the feeders?
16. (Don’t forget to fill the feeders; it can be harder for the birds to find food when the snow is heavy.)
17. Have I mentioned that birding is fun?
18. Observe their behavior, and learn something new!
19. If you think you’re cold, just marvel at how the small feathered creatures survive the chill.
20. The cold air will bring a rosy glow to your cheeks.
21. Burn off those Thanksgiving calories.
22. Try out those new thermal gloves and hat.
23. Get your money’s worth out of that fleece-lined coat.
24. Enjoy the company of your fellow birders.
25. Start your New Year off with a new year list.
26. Escape the crowded shopping centers.
27. Birding is better than raking leaves.
28. Find out just how well your bins work in below-freezing temperatures.
29. Enjoy your new bins you got for Christmas.
30. Insert your favorite reason here.

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