Review of Parrots of the World (Princeton Field Guides)

Parrots of the World (Princeton Field Guides) by Joseph M. Forshaw and illustrated by Frank Knight is a comprehensive guide to all 356 species of birds collectively known as parrots. These mystical and exotic creatures are some of the most sought after of birders and include some of the most well-known birds due to pet birds.

The guide’s format is split with text and maps on the left-hand side and color plates on the right-hand side. There are 146 color plates which mostly include 3 or 4 species with some high-varying species getting a full plate or more.

Text on the left, plates on the right

The text covers key identification tips, distribution (with a range map), subspecies, habitat, and status. Specific parks and preserves are listed to aide you in your quest to find each species in the wild, a feature that would be useful in other field guides as well.

Another look into the guide

Parrots of the World (Princeton Field Guides) is definitely a speciality guide and perhaps most useful for birders who travel heavily. But it also provides an interesting look into the diversity of one of the most well-known families of birds and also some of the most rare and beautiful species on the planet.

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