Phriday Photo – Eight-legged Water Strider

Upon finding an eight-legged water strider we questioned whether the apparently clean stream was in fact full of radioactive runoff. Turns out, it was just a mating pair! Yes, they only have four legs each.

Water Strider

Birdfreak is getting ready for a trip to the east coast, specifically New York and Rhode Island. Excited level: dangerously high.

6 thoughts on “Phriday Photo – Eight-legged Water Strider

  1. Will you have time to go birding? The shorebirds are starting to move now. Jamaica Bay is picking up and the Jersey shore too.

  2. Thanks all!! We’ll have lots of time to bird at various locations including some of the Rhode Island shore.

    Ken – Thanks!! The legs are hard to see… we were counting the shadows which look like 8… either way there were two striders.

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