Phriday Photo – 45th Parallel – Perry, Maine

The 45th parallel seems to circle the globe (hah!) and of course we had to stop at this historical marker in Perry, Maine. It is the oldest Halfway North Marker.
45th Parallel - Perrry, Maine
U.S. Coast Survey topographers Charles Meigs Bach and Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow surveyed the coastline in 1883 using an old surveying device called a plane table. The stone marker was put up in 1899.

Nearby we found a quirky store called the 45th Parallel with all kinds of trinkits and whatnots. “An eclectic mix of Funky Decorative Accessories, Nautical ware, Fun Souvenirs, Sterling Jewelry, Exotic Antiques, and Cool Home Accents for your cabin, castle, or seaside villa.” -
45th Parallel - Perry, Maine

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