10 thoughts on “Phriday Photo

  1. Beautiful capture. This year was my first year to encounter this woodpecker twice. I guess when you get involved in birding (since 2007), birds just appear front of you – and that is what happened to me last year. Very nice blog you have here, Anna 🙂

  2. I’ve never been able to capture a flight phot like that-That angle of the Pileated with outstretched wings is awesome!

  3. Zen Birdfeeder – Thanks much!!

    Anna – Thank you; every time we find a Pileated it creates a feeling of excitement!!

    Lana – we share that love!!

    Wren – thanks; the PW provided a great opportunity for a photo

    Monarch – sometimes hauling around the camera feels like a burden while birding but it is better than missing the chance!

    Moe – thank you very much!!

    Trixie – thanks; we love sharing (even if it isn’t that great of a shot)

    Karl C. – thanks much!!

    Larry – First time having a Pileated fly directly overhead… it was a great thrill!!

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