Ospreys Along the Atlantic Coast

Osprey flying near Chesapeake Bay

Once a bird whose numbers were declining and now a success story of conservationalists, the Osprey can be found in bountiful amounts in coastal Virginia. On a recent family vacation to Virginia, Snowy Owl (Susie) encountered a large population of Ospreys along the Rappahannock River and the Slough Creek inlet of the Chesapeake Bay in the Northern Neck region of Virginia.

These breathtakingly beautiful birds had established nests in boat signs and whatever else they found suitable. We were treated to a wonderful view of the Ospreys as we canoed all over the Bay inlet. They flew, calling to each other in a sharp, distinct whistle. The creek was a bustling hub of activity.

Ospreys are not so common in northern Illinois so this was a special treat, especially for Snowy Owl’s two young daughters.

7 thoughts on “Ospreys Along the Atlantic Coast

  1. I love ospreys. I’m not sure why they stand out among the raptors, but I find them even more fascinating than the others.

  2. I would agree that it would be quite a treat to see one of these birds and its offspring. It’s good to know they are making a strong comeback in the Chesapeake Bay area.

  3. Lana – you gotta see one of these! They are much cooler in person!

    Wren – Ospreys do tend to stand out a lot… sometimes they seem even more impressive than Bald Eagles, something that is hard to do 🙂

    Melissa – true!!

    Mary – When given the chance and good habitat, birds can be so resilient!

    Mon@rch – agree and thanks much!!

    We feel that Ospreys could easily be used in a short film to promote bird conservation and birding. Just need to get some video of them 🙂

  4. Nice photos! I live in VA not to far from the coast & am fortunate to see Ospreys often. I also live across the street from a large lake and can sometimes see them soaring above the lake from my front yard. Wonderful birds!


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