Citizen Science: Great Blue Heron

A few months back, we were invited to post our Great Blue Heron pictures on a group called Citizen Science: Great Blue Heron. We checked them out and found that their idea was to gather knowledge of the Great Blue Heron by collecting a database of photos from people on flickr. What a cool idea!

Great Blue Heron

This is a group devoted to collecting photographs of great blue herons. Our ultimate hope is to build a database that can be used for scientific studies of great blue herons. We are built on the model of citizen science projects in which the existence of large numbers of amateurs can become a significant aid to scientists by collecting data that could not otherwise be collected. The idea originally was developed at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, with their Project Feeder Watch. We thought we would follow up with a new project based on the power of flickr.

Great Blue Heron

So we try to add all of our Great Blues to their group and sometimes even invite a few others to join. There are a lot of cool birding groups out there, some feature solo birds and others are questing for I.D. help such as The Bird Identification Help Group (which we have used).

Great Blue Heron

Here are a few other birding groups found on flickr:

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  2. I found your blog while scouring technorati for posts about citizen science (I started at the Great American Backyard Birdcount at Thanks for the flickr link, I had no idea that this effort was going on.

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