Callaway Nature Preserve – Certified!

Backyard Certification!

The Callaway Nature Preserve is our own yard, our personal sanctuary to watch birds from our windows and patio chairs. We have been working hard to replace grass with native plants, and have installed water-drippers, bird feeders, bird houses, and even a bat house (which has yet to have any visitors).

The National Wildlife Federation provides a Certified Wildlife Habitat Certification for a small fee if you have the basics for a good wildlife habitat such as water, food, and cover.

Yellow Warbler during migration
Yellow Warbler

As a bonus for certifying your yard, we received a year’s membership with NWF including their magazine. But most important to us is being able to show our neighbors and friends just how great it is to have a yard that is welcoming to wildlife. Anyone can create their own nature preserve and the cost is more in the time and effort than monetary. (Although you can still end up spending a lot if you aspire to have water features, etc.).

Swainson’s Thrush – can’t wait for them to arrive!
Swainson's Thrush

We have sighted 96 species of birds in our preserve and hope to break 100 this spring!

4 thoughts on “Callaway Nature Preserve – Certified!

  1. Congratulations & good job on the certification! I was going to go for this, too, but our birds get their water elsewhere, so I don’t bother with birdbaths or other water features anymore.
    I’m sure you’ll break 100 species this Spring. 🙂

  2. Lana, thanks so much! Isn’t it so great to watch birds right from home? I have a feeling the big 100 will be ours soon! 🙂

  3. Great work!I’ve been making some changes in my yard but need to do more.-I’m thinking about replacing some of my lawn with something else this year.-What is a good source for ideas of how to birdscape your yard?

  4. Larry – a good source of ideas that we’ve used before is Audubon Workshop. They often have good deals but at other times are rather pricey. Either way, they have some nice ideas that you can use to buy locally at a garden center.

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