Birdspot of the Week #1 – Seney National Wildlife Refuge

Kicking off a new weekly is the Birdspot of the Week, starring Seney National Wildlife Refuge. Located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Seney was a complete surprise of greatness when we visited back in July of this year. We had planned to spend a couple hours at the NWR because it was on our way back from Whitefish Point. We ended up spending several joyous hours, slowly following the twisting gravel road, stopping numerous times at all the open water.

The star of Seney has to be the Common Loon. Loons were litterally everywhere: flying, diving, and displaying. They competed with the Trumpeter Swans for our attention, but the Loons were much more active. I have seen loons at various locations in northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, and even at home in Rockford, IL. But never before had we seen so many loons in one day – probably 30 or more.

If that wasn’t enough, we also lucked out on a flyby American Bittern (lifer) and a perching Northern Goshawk (also a lifer).

The refuge has over 95,000 acres and is a true gem as our the majority of our National Wildlife Refuges.  Thanks Teddy Roosevelt for starting one of the greatest conservation projects!

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