Birdorable Adds Hooded Warbler

What happens when you merge adorable birds onto t-shirts, mugs, hats, clocks, bags, and more? You have Birdorable, “the cutest birds on the wing”. With over 160 birds to choose from, you can customize just about anything for the perfect gift.

Or, choose from the pre-made designs like these funny ones:

Or if you’re like us, you’ll want to get the newly created Hooded Warbler!!

There are also free graphics to use for your website and they’re all “birdorable!”

3 thoughts on “Birdorable Adds Hooded Warbler

  1. I’m imagining a female version kind of similar but WAYYY not of that “I love tits” thing. Not something I’d leave the house wearing. *L*

  2. Birdfreak Team – I’m so glad you like our Birdorable Hooded Warbler! Lana – you know we take requests – what’s your idea?! 🙂

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