Bird Photography Weekly #9

Bird Photography Weekly #8 is in the bank! We only netted 10 species this time around but it was still loads of fun! Please join in again this week!!

The list:

  1. Osprey x2 first time we had a double!!
  2. Pileated Woodpecker
  3. Yellow-tailed Thornbill
  4. Carolina Wren
  5. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  6. Eastern Bluebird
  7. Little Grebe
  8. White Ibis
  9. Whooping Crane
  10. White-crowned Sparrow

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20 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #9

  1. In light of the Saw-whet Owl banding demo that I attended (and blogged about) on Friday, I am in this week with a pic of a Saw-whet that we found hanging out in the low branches of a tree (only about 24″ from the ground) on our annul Owl Prowl a few years ago.

  2. Wonderful submissions already, hopefully we’ll get even more. I’ve added a couple of Great Egrets (Common Egrets? American Egrets? I’ve heard all three labels, which is correct?) for this week.

    Thanks for hosting this great weekly meme, Birdfreak!


  3. I posted my submission for last week on the wrong week, so it didn’t get counted. Ah well. This time I think I have it right, and am joining in with a Lazuli Bunting that hit my window earlier in the year.

  4. Great picture I snapped of a Canada goose while we were feeding them at a nearby lake. Not an uncommon bird, but still photogenic.

  5. Another one to add to the list – an American Coot. Not the best picture in the world, but I’ve been aggravated long enough trying to get a pic of these shy birds.

  6. Thanks a million for all those that participated this week! We added a Cedar Waxwing to the mix.

  7. Kyle – Great Egrets is the “correct” term and we are glad you enjoy this weekly meme!!

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