Bird Photography Weekly #86

Join in now on the 86th edition of Bird Photography Weekly!!

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22 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #86

  1. today I have some lovely close-up otter photos. yes, I know that otters are not birds but I live in the hope that Eddie doesn’t mind this slight transgression. Otters are, after all, very cool creatures and almost as cool as birds…

  2. Swainson’s Hawk – nesting pair in my neighborhood.

    I just started learning how to take photos using a dSLR camera. Pretty fun so far, though aggravating too.

  3. Joining in with some digiscoped Sandhill Cranes . . . now that migration is starting to pick up, hopefully I’ll have more time to get some good shots!!

  4. Got my post up, including a broad-winged hawk, blue grosbeak, etc.
    BTW, loved your digiscoped shot of the sandhill cranes. I’m not a member of flickr, so I couldn’t post there.

  5. Thanks Lana!
    And thanks everyone for all the wonderful submissions and for continuing to make Bird Photography Weekly a great place to share your amazing photos!

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