Bird Photography Weekly #78

Join in now on the 78th edition of Bird Photography Weekly!!

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16 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #78

  1. I posted a picture of a bald eagle that came to Bird TLC with a badly damaged beak. He’s making good progress with the help of the Bird TLC folks and Dr. Kirk Johnson, a local dentist. Cyrano as he’s become known is also becoming very popular. His story has been in the news around the world.

  2. I’m only a beginning blogger/photographer, but a long-time birder. I’ve posted a photo of the Baltimore Oriole that is spending the winter with us in South Texas. It’s fun to see everyone’s photos and read such interesting blogs–I feel as if I’m birding with each of you! I hope you’ll enjoy visiting my riverside yard as you read my blog.
    Thank you!

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