Bird Photography Weekly #73

Join in now on the 73rd edition of Bird Photography Weekly!!

We are trying a new link generating service. Please enter your link both in the “MisterLinky” format per usual AND if possible the one below. This way we can see how it looks live without losing any links. Thanks much for your continued participation in Bird Photography Weekly!!

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15 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #73

  1. Hi all,

    This is Aris from
    Sorry to intervene!

    I see you face some problems entering photos?

    Maria Berg: The photos should end in .jpg/.jpeg/.png. This is temporary and will be fixed as soon as possible.

    Hagemor: Could you please tell me if you got any weird message when putting the image ?

    There are some cases where the popup window returns “Undefined” (it happens to some browsers but we strive to work around that) . In this case, there is a text box under the pictures where you can copy the URL from and paste it (alas, manually) to the image URL field.

    Since this feature is rather new, I would really like to hear if you have any problems or suggestions to make it more useable. You can write an email at info [at] or use the contact page on the page

    Thank you for trying InLinkz,


  2. A female Cardinal in Ohio.
    PS – for the inlinks it looks like it added me twice, I just clicked once though…glitch maybe? Seems like a neat system though!

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