Bird Photography Weekly #71

Join in now on the 71st edition of Bird Photography Weekly!!

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17 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #71

  1. From 10,000 Birds comes a Red-shouldered Hawk (though we also snuck a Pine Warbler shot into the mix).

    Happy New Year!

  2. Exotic Purple Swamphens have been so prolific in our area of Florida that they are being exterminated by the Fish & Wildlife Commission. The survivors are quite wary. I just hope that the guys with shotguns can tell them from the Purple Gallinules, as the latter have become less common locally since the shooting started.

  3. Sharp-shinned or Coopers Hawk…photos….Michelle

    This hawk crashed into our window along with the starling it was chasing. It spent 15 minutes standing on the starling recovering from the window hit before taking the still screaming starling to the front lawn to begin plucking the feathers and eating the bird. This is a young bird as it has yellow eyes and not red eyes as an adult would have.

  4. I got lucky with a shot of an ordinary house finch taken through my binoculars as it visited one of the feeders in front of our living room window.

  5. Last summer i watched a pair of WESTERN KINGBIRDS raising at least four chicks in a nest on a utility pole right on the main street of the town where i live Its amazing how these birds have adapted

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