Bird Photography Weekly #6

Bird Photography Weekly #5 yielded 15 species again! Awesome photos all!!

Good news too! We have some special Bird Photography Weekly badges you can use on your website. Thank you for spreading the word!! These can be resized easily and should (fingers crossed) render nicely at any size. Just add width=”200 perhaps” and it will fit wherever you wish!

The list:

  1. Treecreeper
  2. White-bellied Sea-Eagle
  3. Red Crossbill
  4. White-throated Swallow
  5. Whooping Crane
  6. Australian Pelican
  7. Palm Warbler
  8. Northern Cardinal
  9. Lesser Golden-backed Woodpecker
  10. Brown Pelican
  11. Green Violet-ear
  12. Burrowing Owl
  13. Black-capped Chickadee
  14. Sandhill Crane
  15. Dickcissel

19 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #6

  1. Sandhill Cranes are passing through Washington State on the way South. They are very wary and extremely hard to get close to. Think I need a 500 mm lens. Time to start saving.

  2. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful submissions!! Make sure to add your photo for the next Bird Photography Weekly!!

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