Bird Photography Weekly #47

Join in on the 47th edition of Bird Photography Weekly!!

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23 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #47

  1. Hi , I am posting photos of a Brahminy Kite this week – BUT – I cannot find the usual place to post my link. What’s happened? Am I doing something wrong?? Any help will be appreciated.

  2. Mick – nothing you did 🙂 … The code from the 3rd party source we used is not working so we had to go back to the less desirable version which should be live and working now…

    Maria – thanks for the submission… should be working for real now 🙂

  3. I am sharing a photo of a Northern Pygmy Owl this week. I took this photo last year. This is Hootie who passes through and dines on the birds at my feeders. Wish he would get the starlings that drive me nuts.

  4. For my first submission to Bird Photography Weekly, I have posted a photo of 2 juvenile Dusky Grouse. photographed in Colorado.

  5. Just want to let you guys know you can change your tweetmeme button so that it tweets out @yourname instead of @ tweetmeme
    that way you know who is RT you to thank them…etc.
    It is just an easy one line add to the html.
    check how my tweetmeme button works and then your so u see what I mean ..let me know if u want to change it..i will send the link on to u!

  6. Our female Ruby Throated Hummingbird gets a real thrill from the red Cardinal Flowers in our garden. So far I haven’t seen any males though.

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