Bird Photography Weekly #46

Join in on the 46th edition of Bird Photography Weekly!!

Eastern Towhee
Eastern Towhee photographed by young birder Dakota

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18 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #46

  1. I’m sharing a pelagic cormorant. The photo’s a little fuzzy, but I was amused I’d had a lifer for 5 years and hadn’t counted it.

  2. A Mulberry tree is in fruit behind my apartment—all sorts of young birds are in it looking for food, including this young American Robin.

  3. Awesome towhee! We had a pair (with a fledgling,) last year, but Hurricane Gustav was the end of that. I was delighted to see a male again just the other day!

  4. I saw a bird while I was at tennis the other day, and managed to get a pretty good photo. I think it was called a Butcher Bird. I live in Australia, and have just come across this blog, and don’t know whether I am allowed to contribute here?

  5. Annie – all bird photographers from the world over are more than welcome to contribute… thank you for visiting and please come back often!!

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