Bird Photography Weekly #41

Bird Photography Weekly is moving to SUNDAY beginning JUNE 14th. It will run each week until the following SATURDAY.

Join in on the 41st edition of Bird Photography Weekly

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23 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #41

  1. I have a few of a montagues harrier taken hand-held through my scope on the steppes of kazakhstan.

  2. I re visited the nesting site of the Black Naped Monarch@Kuala Tahan and had photograph quite a few lifer which I will shared soon (need to work on the ID of the birds)

  3. I am posting Golden-headed Cisticola, Red-browed Finch, Australian Pipit and Red-backed Fairy-wren

  4. I can’t get Mr. Linky to work either – and this is my second attempt at commenting. Argh, Monday. Come back to The Gambia with me and some Pied Kingfishers for this week’s submission.

  5. Hi , this is my first time doing this and I’m rather vague. I’ve recent posts and pics of silvereye, bluefaced honeyeaters and willie wagtails. Will be posting moorhens , ibis and possibly crested pigeons soon.

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