Bird Photography Weekly #4

Bird Photography Weekly #3 yielded only 9 species, down from last week’s ten. Perhaps this week will be more photo-fulfilling! Help spread the word; you know birds are awesome!

Mississippi Kite [juv.]
Mississippi Kite

The list:

  1. Wood Stork
  2. Senegal Coucal
  3. Common Nighthawk
  4. Red-faced Cormorant
  5. American White Pelican
  6. Red-breasted Nuthatch
  7. American Avocet
  8. Carolina Wren
  9. Mississippi Kite

13 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #4

  1. I missed out last week, so can I make up with two posts this week? anyway my submission for this week – the Kingfisher.

  2. My photo this week is again from a local lake where White Pelicans tend to hang out in the summer. This was the first year I found this lake, and have loved seeing what shows up.

  3. Thank you all for submitting to this week’s Bird Photography Weekly!! The entries are now closed but please enter in the current one! They begin each Monday!

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