Bird Photography Weekly #37

Bird Photography Weekly #36 is complete so join in on the action of the 37th installment.

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26 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #37

  1. I’m celebrating whooping cranes and their tenacious survival, an example of what bird and man can do together with imagination and hard work.

  2. Rose-breasted Grosbeak for me (unfortunately from the archives as I didn’t have my camera when 3 of them came in at eye level yesterday).

  3. First try at this and it shows, i am a day late and I posted this comment on the wrong week for starters. My entry today is a common house sparrow. I found the site through Klaus’s blog and hope to be back more often.

  4. Brad – thanks for adding to the mix!! All bird photos are welcome and you are welcome to enter at any time during the week (Monday through the following Saturday night).

  5. Gwendolen – sorry about the disappearing link business. Mister Linky has not been my friend of late.

  6. I am on a 3-4 week photo trip in Eastern Oregon, Western Nevada, and Eastern California. Trying to visit several wildlife refuges. I have linked a Yellow Warbler photo from the Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge.

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