Bird Photography Weekly #36

Bird Photography Weekly #35 is complete so join in on the action of the 36th installment.

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20 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #36

  1. I have a gorgeous pair of Ash-throated Flycatchers this week. I really love these birds, from their call to their fluid, fly-catching maneuvers. Have a great birding week everyone!

  2. This week I’ve got a shot from this past weekend, an American Woodcock – the answer to a previous “quiz bird” post.

  3. After missing a few weeks of BPW, I’ve got a pair of Green Herons from Brazos Bend State Park to offer for this installment. Enjoy!

  4. My entry this week is a Wood Thrush from Central Park this past week. (I’m temporarily using Flickr as I update my photo site)

  5. First time user, found it through Klaus’s site. I posted a common house sparrow for my first entry. Looking forward to coming back and doing it more, maybe on the right day next time.

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