Bird Photography Weekly #29

Bird Photography Weekly #28 is complete so join in on the action of the 29th installment.

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31 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #29

  1. Back again after a couple weeks off (although I do have photos up from them) with a Northern Rough-winged Swallow.

  2. A Brewer’s blackbird for me, which is a new one on my life list — those monochrome birds can be a pain to accurately ID.

  3. My entry this week very friendly bird at Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia- now in Breeding season from February to May,
    Silver-breasted Broadbill (Serilophus lunatus)

  4. Hi folks, fellow birders, friends of many feathers! I came upon this site a few days ago (what a great place!) and I’ve enjoyed reading here and visiting blogs featured here and seeing photos of beautiful birds from all around the world. I’m new to blogging (and photography) but I have a long-time passion for birds and enjoy meeting others who share the same interests. Well…. off I go 🙂 (Please be patient if I seem like a “fish out of water” as far as “blogging” and submitting a photo. ) Everyone have a great day.

  5. Woodcocks are one of the oddest birds I’ve ever seen! We stood only about 8 feet from this one, and it showed no fear of us at all, depending on it’s camouflage no doubt.

  6. Julie Jay – thank you much for stopping in and we are humbled to hear your kind words. We never judge so don’t feel like a fish out of water 🙂 It’s all for fun and to spread the word of conservation and our love for the natural world!!

  7. Denapple – Woodcocks are such awesome birds! Great job capturing this cryptic bird!!

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