Bird Photography Weekly #21

Bird Photography Weekly #20 is complete so join in on the action of the 21st edition.

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25 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #21

  1. I have pictures of two birds this week: a Carolina Chickadee and a Pileated Woodpecker (from my Friday afternoon post). Enjoy!

  2. Back from Texas and starting with the least colorful bird of the trip, Clay-colored Thrush (Robin) while I work on a full report.

  3. I have posted a photo of a pair of Bald Eagles that have built a nest in our suburban South Florida neighborhood. They are peering down at their four day old chick, which hatched on January 18th. This is the first active nest in our county, and it is only 200 feet from a busy boulevard. We are presently dealing with the threat of possible excavation to be carried out on their side of the shoulder of the road, and seeking to have it delayed or modified to cause less disturbance while the eaglets are still in the nest.

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