Bird Photography Weekly #19

Bird Photography Weekly #18 is all wrapped up! Join the next installment today!! Make sure to check out Nature Photography & Art, a new creation by

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23 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #19

  1. A Pink-footed Goose in Queens is a fun rarity to see and share for the first Bird Photography weekly of the new year.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Starting the year with one of my simple favorites: a female Mallard (showing off that bright blue “racing stripe”). Enjoy!

  3. I’ve added a warm/cold bird with the Sage Thrasher that spent some time in Maine a few Novembers ago.
    I also appear to have partially blown last week, consensus appears to be that it was a Barrow’s.

  4. I froze my fingers off to this weeks BPW, and decided to include two birds for the effort – Greater Yellowlegs and Least Sandpiper.

    Happy New Year!

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