Bird Photography Weekly #15

Bird Photography Weekly #14 had 17 species submitted. After the completion of this week we are going to try and give a tally of ALL the species featured in BPW. Please help spread the word if you can 🙂

Last Week’s list:

  1. Pied Oystercatcher
  2. Fieldfare
  3. Snow Goose
  4. King Eider
  5. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
  6. Steller’s Jay
  7. Yellow-headed Blackbird
  8. Wild Turkey
  9. Gray Catbird
  10. Black-necked Stilt
  11. Red-breasted Nuthatch
  12. Robin
  13. Sharp-shinned Hawk
  14. Eastern Phoebe
  15. Green Heron
  16. American Wigeon
  17. Horned Lark

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20 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #15

  1. Happy Holidays Everyone! This week I am displaying photos of the White Tailed Kite which I photographed at Hayward Regional Shoreline in California’s Bay Area. Enjoy…

  2. Just a good-old Tufted Titmouse. I devised a system around my bird feeders where I can place perches which are favorable for photographing birds. This is one of my earlier efforts that turned out pretty well.

    Photo was taken by digiscoping.


  3. Finally got a chance to put something together for this week. Another common bird, but thousands of starlings coming in for a nightly roost is still cool. Hopefully CBC stuff for next week.

  4. We added a Lapland Longspur to finish out another fun week of Bird Photography Weekly!!

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