Bird Photography Weekly #141

Join in now on the 141st edition of Bird Photography Weekly!!

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16 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #141

  1. I have lots of American Goldfinches in the backyard. I’ve also got a contest/giveaway going on sponsered by Wild Birds Unlimited!!

  2. This week at I featured photos of a Western Scrub-Jay which is nesting in my yard. Also photos from my patch including White-crowned Sparrow, and photos from Farmington Bay WMA of Snowy Egret, Swallows, Yellow-headed Blackbird, Western Kingbird and more.

  3. I’ve got some pictures of Cackling Geese seen in late March. They are with Canada Geese – good for size & shape comparison. 🙂

  4. Prairie Warblers have returned to their nesting territory close to my home and I got some great quality time with them today…

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