Biggest Week in American Birding – Calling All Birders!

Birders of the world: there is still time!!! Registration is still open for the Biggest Week in American Birding! This is the best migration hotspot for warblers and other migratory songbirds during May and it is WELL worth the trip! Please consider joining all the fabulous birders in watching “gobs” of birds. It truly is the Warbler Capital of the World!

This year you will again find an abundance of field trips, speakers and bird walks but some things fill up early so now is the time to get registered and start planning your amazing trip! No guarantee if anything mentioned in this post is sold-out so hurry and register today!

Something new I’m excited about is: a CONCERT by R Bruce, a hilarious singer/songwriter who even has his very own designed Punk Rock Birding shirt! PRBY Apparel (in my opinion) has the coolest bird-related apparel I’ve ever seen…and us birders deserve awesome bird shirts!


There are plenty of things to do and each year it just keeps getting better! And, no matter how many people attend, it feels peaceful and not crowded. At least not crowded like a theme park or concert. It’s full of people who are all birding! It’s a unique feeling that I have only experienced at this festival.

I would recommend each and every thing offered at this festival but one of the events I LOVE to take part in is…Skydance: Woodcocks on the Wing! There is a window of time just at dusk where you can see and hear the beautiful and incredible skydance that American Woodcock males perform. The trips are limited to 20 people but they are doing two walks per night and there are nine different dates available- it’s only ten dollars to attend! The guides do a wonderful job of explaining a little about the bird, what to expect and after attending three of them, I have yet to be disappointed! If you haven’t yet attended this walk: please consider it this year if there are still openings!

I can’t wait to see you there!! Birds Rule


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