Big Bug, Little Wren

House Wrens are known to be a bit big for their size. We witness them often dive-bombing squirrels, chasing away Blue Jays, and scolding if someone even dares look in the direction of their nest box. Even their appetites can be a bit large.

Dakota believes this House Wren is feasting on a large grasshopper
House Wren {Troglodytes aedon}

House Wren {Troglodytes aedon}

House Wren {Troglodytes aedon}

House Wren {Troglodytes aedon}
Those legs are just empty calories anyway…

Off to look for another insect
House Wren {Troglodytes aedon}

We added this to the Camera Critters #20.

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12 thoughts on “Big Bug, Little Wren

  1. Gads, I HATE when that happens…when it takes a while for dinner to go down & a leg’s just HANGING out my mouth like that…so embarrassing. 😉 *L*

    Lanas last blog post..Skywatch

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