31 Cool Bird Facts #23 – Sedge Wren

Sedge Wren - Photo #4,000

The Sedge Wren (Cistothorus platensis) is a spunky little brown species with a chattery call. This year, our luck finding these guys was touch and go. One explanation might be that they are very nomadic and never stay put for long. We also found out from our local bird experts that they will move south and have a second brood, eliminating our confusion on why we found Sedge Wrens at Deer Run Forest Preserve later in the season than expected.

The Sedge Wren used to be called the Short-billed Marsh Wren and has had other nicknames such as meadow wren and grass wren. The Sedge Wren was our 4000th photo on flickr and also one of our focus birds for a citizen science project involving our local bird club.

Sedge Wren

2 thoughts on “31 Cool Bird Facts #23 – Sedge Wren

  1. How on earth did you catch something so small and quick with such precision so close to the ground and without stray grass stalks obstructing the view? I am absolutely in awe!
    After months of stalking I finally got a shot at our Superb Fairy-wren yesterday and was pretty pleased until I saw your pictures.

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