The LBJ – Avian Life Literary Arts [Review]

LBJ in the birding world stands for “little brown job”, a somewhat condescending name for a sparrowish brown bird of undetermined identity. LBJ also stands for “literary bird journal” as in the case of the brand-spanking new biannual publication, The LBJ—Avian Life Literary Arts. Volume 1, Number 1 of the LBJ The LBJ is jam-packed

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Bird Photography Weekly #10

Bird Photography Weekly #9 was a fun one! We had 15 wonderful species this time around. Please join in again this week!! The list: Black-and-white Warbler Hooded Merganser White-faced Heron Northern Saw-Whet Owl Great Egret Northern Shoveler Lazuli Bunting Whistling Kite Dark-eyed Junco Canada Goose Whooping Crane Black-capped Chickadee Black-headed Grosbeak American Coot Cedar Waxwing

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