Citizen Science – Winter Raptor Surveys

The Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA) is a membership-based organization committed to the conservation of raptors through the scientific study, enjoyment, and appreciation of raptor migration. The first HMANA North American Winter Raptor Survey started in February of 2007 in the Northeastern and Midwestern parts of North America. The Birdfreak Team checked on

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Phriday Photo – A Prayer for NIU

A horrible tragedy fell upon our school yesterday, affecting us greatly. The Birdfreak Team consists of alumni and current students of Northern Illinois University and our hearts are broken. We are receiving incredible support from family, friends, and other universities, which we appreciate immensely. This photo came from a support group consisting of Virginia Tech

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Citizen Science – Nest boxes for Prothonotary Warblers

Prothonotary Warblers, or Golden Swamp Warblers as they are sometimes called, are the only eastern wood warbler that nests in cavities. Lucy’s Warbler in the west is the only other. Natural cavities abandoned by woodpeckers over or near water is their preference, but they will use nest boxes in shaded areas near standing water. This

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Birdwatch Radio

Steve Moore, a broadcaster and long-time birder, has launched a new online radio program called Birdwatch Radio. The program is freely available at and offers information on birdwatching events, birding gear, and new happenings in the birding world. The show’s episodes can be downloaded through iTunes as a free Podcast as well. The first

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Citizen Science – Tricolored Blackbirds

Far away in a distant land, miles away from Illinois, live small colonies of wondrous birds never seen by a Birdfreak. Although they might look like our oh-so-common Red-wing Blackbirds, Tricolored Blackbirds are a localized species of small numbers occurring mainly in California. Tricolored Blackbirds near Drake’s Beach at Pt. Reyes, California Photo courtesy of

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