10 Years – Our Conservation Promise

Somehow it happened. 10 years ago the Birdfreak Blog started. In those years our lives changed a lot. We grew and our kids grew. But through all the change, we feel we’ve stayed the same.

We didn’t always stick to a plan. Our posting schedule was sporadic, the look of the site was spasmadic, and the topics we discussed nomadic.

In the more recent years, we’ve taken lengthy breaks between posting anything. Some of these periods, often overlapping, we didn’t even go birding. We even discussed abandoning the site altogether.

The Future of Birdfreak.com

The plan is to keep the blog alive indefinitely. As far as posting schedules, content goals and birding plans everything is left open-ended. No promises to anyone, especially ourselves.

Scratch that. We do want to keep one promise alive.

Our Conservation Promise

Conservation is vital to everyone and critical to life and freedom. We will always believe that a positive, ongoing course of promotion and action is the only way to ever make conservation work. All we can do is move forward and stay hopeful.

We can’t and we won’t rely on politicians and bureaucracies to make change happen. We the people are the only ones who can promote conservation; we happen to enjoy promoting it with birding.

This space on the web is a small voice that we pray is amplified as we continue on. All we ever want is to reach enough to make a positive difference. If we can encourage and inspire regular people from all walks of life to engage in conservation, especially in their backyards, we will continue on.

We have children going overseas, studying in college, excelling in high school, attending preschool, and learning to walk. They are the driving force to keep us always positive, even when faced with unbelievable barrages of negativity. They won’t give up and neither will we.

The “Dismal” Future

The future is not as dismal as many want you to believe. Those are the people on their own personal sinking ships. They can endlessly bail out the water, give up and sink to the bottom, or can choose to patch the holes.

But they are not allowed to drown us in their sorrow.

Conservation needs leaders but more importantly, it needs masses of people to work together. Conservation, like freedom, is not free.

But the more we have, the better off everyone is.

Good birding and here’s to the next ten years.

-The Birdfreak Team

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